Zur Rose was established in 1993 by former CEO, Walter Oberhänsli, and medical practitioners as a wholesaler to dispensing doctors in Eastern Switzerland. The company name is derived from the Haus zur Rose in Steckborn, which still houses a brick-and-mortar pharmacy.

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March 2021
The first ecosystem healthcare journey was successfully launched in collaboration with global healthcare company Novo Nordisk for people living with obesity (www.docmorriscare.com/adipositas).
August 2020
The Zur Rose Group takes over the e-commerce and diabetes activities of Apotal in Germany.
July 2020
The Zur Rose Group acquires TeleClinic, Germany’s leading telemedicine provider.
January 2020
Zur Rose and Medbase extend their cooperation and are running the shop-in-shop pharmacies in Migros branches and the webshop zurrose-shop.ch through two joint ventures.
February 2019
The Zur Rose Group is extending its marketplace business model to France.
January 2019
The Zur Rose Group takes over the e-commerce activities of medpex, Germany's third-largest online pharmacy.
November 2018
Zur Rose opens the third shop shop-in-shop pharmacy at the Migros headquarters at Limmatplatz in Zurich.
November 2018
The Zur Rose Group takes over the mail-order activities of apo-rot in Hamburg.
September 2018
The Zur Rose Group acquires the Spanish marketplace platform Promofarma, Barcelona, for BPC products.
June 2018
Following the very positive reception by customers of the first shop-in-shop pharmacy on Marktgasse in Bern, Zur Rose opens the next outlet at Claramarkt in Basel.
December 2017
The Zur Rose Group acquires Eurapon Pharmahandel GmbH in Bremen (Germany), as well as the mail-order pharmacy Vitalsana B.V. in Heerlen (Netherlands) and the associated service provider ApDG GmbH in Ulm (Germany).
July 2017
Zur Rose supplies all Medbase Centres exclusively with drugs. Medbase is the biggest service provider in basic outpatient medical care in Switzerland.
July 2017
Zur Rose opens the first shop-in-shop pharmacy in the Migros branch on Marktgasse Bern.
July 2017
Successful IPO: Zur Rose Group AG’s shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange as from 6 July 2017.
September 2016
Zur Rose Group increased its capital by issuing a block of shares acquired by the new anchor shareholder, the Corisol Group based in Zug. The proceeds from this capital injection were intended to finance Zur Rose’s planned growth strategy of further expanding its European market leadership.
August 2016
Zur Rose opened its first flagship store in Bern. By establishing this branch, Zur Rose linked mail-order and physical stores as part of an omnichannel strategy to offer its customers the flexibility to purchase pharmacy, health and beauty products at any time across all channels.
September 2015
Supreme Court Ruling of 29 September 2015 allowing mail order of non-prescription (OTC) drugs to patients only upon presentation of a doctor’s prescription based on a personal doctor and patient consultation, making OTC mail order virtually impossible for Zur Rose.
September 2015
Online prescription account launched for customers in Switzerland. The account offers numerous services, such as online prescription refill orders, repeat prescription requests directly to the doctor online and a history of all medications purchased to date.
June 2015
DocMorris moved to the “Avantis” business park in Heerlen with a state-of-the-art logistics centre and new administrative building.
May 2015
DocMorris rolled out another innovation in digital services, its Mobile Pharmacy app. This app based on personal medication data offers features such as information on the safety of prescribed medicines and therapy compliance.
May 2015
Zur Rose AG was renamed Zur Rose Group AG, clearly communicating the company’s purpose as an umbrella organisation.
March 2015
Zur Rose acquired BlueCare AG, a company specialised in integrated care and primary care models.
June 2014
The handling of all mail-order business under the VfG brand was transferred to Halle an der Saale and the logistics centre in the Czech Republic closed down.
March 2014
DocMorris expanded into telepharmacy with Deutsche Telekom, allowing patients to find out and seek advice about medications and their administration audiovisually from a DocMorris pharmacist.
January 2013
Zur Rose Pharma received the “Top Job” quality seal for the third time in succession, ranking it among Germany’s best SME employers.
January 2013
The owner-managed Zur Rose mail-order pharmacy in Germany, a major customer of Zur Rose Pharma GmbH, started collaboration with dm, Germany’s largest health and beauty retail chain.
October 2012
Zur Rose acquired DocMorris, Europe’s largest online and mail-order pharmacy.
August 2011
HomeCare service launched, with Zur Rose nurses helping patients at home with the administration, infusion or injection of medications.
January 2011
Non-prescription (OTC) drugs added to the product range offered in Swiss mail-order and online business.
January 2011
Zur Rose entered the Austrian mail-order market through a collaboration agreement with dm, the largest health and beauty retail chain.
March 2010
“MediMemory Connect” iPhone app launched to remind chronically sick patients to take their medications in the right dosage at the right time and help them keep a supply.
November 2009
Pandemic influenza vaccine distributed to doctors in various cantons from the government’s compulsory stocks.
July 2009
Helvepharm AG sold to sanofi aventis.
April 2007
Health and wellness products launched to expand the range offered by the mail-order pharmacy.
December 2006
Czech-based VfG mail-order pharmacy acquired and operating in Germany.
September 2006
“Dailymed” launched as an innovative service to allow patients who need to take multiple medications in combination to have them portioned out individually in doses for each intake time.
July 2006
Helvepharm AG fully taken over.
December 2004
Zur Rose Pharma GmbH established in Halle (Saale), Germany, marking the start of mail-order business in Germany.
June 2003
Zur Rose celebrated its 10th anniversary.
February 2002
Zur Rose received the “Thurgauer Apfel” incentive award from “Chance Thurgau”.
October 2001
Zur Rose received the “Logistics Fulfilment” award for innovation from the Swiss Logistics Association.
May 2001
Neuen Kloster Apotheke AG, Muri, acquired.
The acquisitions of Ogera AG and Neuen Kloster Apotheke AG increased the market share in the supply of products to dispensing doctors to more than 25 per cent, making Zur Rose one of the market leaders.
January 2001
Ogera AG, Dietikon, acquired.
January 2001
The mail-order pharmacy started sending medications to patients.
January 2000
Interest acquired in Helvepharm AG under a joint venture with Germany’s third largest generic drug manufacturer, Stada Arzneimittel AG.
October 1999
Zur Rose moved from Steckborn to Frauenfeld and commissioned its logistics centre covering a total area of 4,500 m2.
July 1999
PolyRose delivery service established as a jointly owned subsidiary of Zur Rose and Polymed Medical Center.
June 1993
Supply to doctors started.
March 1993
Zur Rose established with 21 medical doctors. Pharmacy opened in Steckborn in May 1993.
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