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We’re looking for diverse talents with a wide range of capabilities, backgrounds and experience who share our vision of creating a world for everyone to manage their health in one click. From people who want to join flexible and agile software teams and product managers with extensive scrum experience to supply-chain experts, warehouse innovators and specialists who can build strong relationships with patients, customers, partners and pioneers alike, these are the types of people who can come together and build the go-to digital health destination for Europe.

Software engineering

We’re searching for software engineers who love the challenge of developing new and exciting solutions to problems on a daily basis and who do not hesitate to question existing processes in order to improve them. Your role will be to implement customer requirements end-to-end: from the original idea through to the design, development, testing and finished product and software release. Your focus will be on application solutions.

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Data analytics and engineering

Our data analysts and engineers connect data, processes, and people in order to create valuable and impactful insights for our customers and organisation. These insights are essential to personalising our services and offerings and understanding and addressing unfulfilled patient and customer needs – not to mention providing the necessary information for important business decisions. In order to generate these insights, we use established open-source languages for data analysis, as well as state of the art cloud-based solutions for data storage and visualisation.

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Warehouse and logistics

Delivering products is one thing, but delivering medicines accurately and on time is quite another. That’s why reliability is our top priority when it comes to customer logistics. And this is where our competent warehouse operations staff make the difference. They have created a highly successful solution to delivering on time and at scale across Europe. They make it possible for over 16 million items to be delivered to the door of our contented customers and to complement their digital health journey. With warehouses all over Europe, we process more than 20 million parcels per year.

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Digital marketing

Our marketeers are the advocates of our patients and customers, enabling them to gain access to digital health solutions and to treatments that correspond to their needs. They create brand awareness, increase brand reach and define digital content per touchpoint in order to generate leads and nurture them. Your task will be to optimise the performance of content-marketing via touchpoints and beyond; you will maximise conversions and measure impact in order to increase positive health outcomes for everyone.

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Corporate functions

We offer positions in corporate functions such as human resources, finance, legal, communications and other areas. Beyond that, there is a wide range of development opportunities within these professional families. From upskilling to learning pathways, we support experienced managers as well as trainees, newcomers and career changers in their personal development.

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Product development

As a product owner, you create and enhance a wide variety of products together with delivery teams and business partners. We offer technical products, service and analytical products, as well as marketplace and platform solutions in one convenient service. Our product owners will not only understand, but also enhance user experiences, reduce backlogs, and motivate delivery teams. In this role, you’ll define product visions and strategies as well as make new ideas become actionable. You will play a core role in building the digital health destination and driving agile product innovation.

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Being a pharmacist is as much about people as it is about medicine. As a pharmacist at the Zur Rose Group, you will provide compassionate advice to customers and patients privately, in their homes and on an outpatient basis, as well as to physicians. A pharmacist’s main tasks can be divided into various fields: prescription control, production and logistical control at the end of the supply-chain. In recent years, the expertise of pharmacists has also been increasingly called upon in the field of marketing due to their affinity with people and their health needs. 

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Customer relationship management

Digitally savvy citizens from older and younger generations are looking for better healthcare and wellness solutions for a modern lifestyle, based on fair prices and improved insurance models. Our customers are digital-minded, and cultivating relationships with key customers is vital in meeting this demand. Mental agility, excellent time-management, an affinity for testing and learning, as well as the ability to make the correct data-based decisions are all qualities which you will need for this position. Understanding our customers' needs, listening to their concerns and learning from them are all qualities which we value. We see relationships not as a one-off sprint, but as an ongoing journey together.

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